Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why Restore Damaged Teeth or Prosthetics?

It seems obvious that if something is broken, it should be fixed. However, that logic doesn’t always carry over to your smile. Many dental patients lived with broken, cracked, or decayed teeth and prosthetics for far longer than they should, which causes even more problems for their oral health.
There are some important reasons to seek restorative dental care for natural teeth or dental prosthetics, which include:

Limiting the Spread of Decay – A decayed tooth poses a threat to surrounding teeth, as the harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay can easily spread. A decayed tooth will only become more damaged over time, with bacteria spreading to the material inside the tooth (the dentin) and potentially beyond the tooth’s roots, forming an abscess or causing infection. While all of this sounds scary, the spread of tooth decay can be minimized with restorative care. Getting a prosthetic, like a dental crown, requires removal of decayed enamel, and repair of tooth structure with materials like porcelain and ceramic.  If, for any reason, the crown covering a treated tooth becomes loose or damaged, seek care immediately to protect the remaining tooth structure under the crown.

Preserving Oral Function – Cracked and chipped prosthetics and decayed teeth don’t live up to their full potential in contributing to the healthy function of your smile. Everyone knows that we need teeth to bite and chew, but a damaged tooth or dental appliance can’t perform these duties as well if they are weakened by breakage or decay. Chewing on one side of your mouth to avoid using weakened teeth only puts more wear-and-tear on existing, healthy teeth.  It’s best to restore flawed teeth and correct problems related to broken crowns, bridges, and dentures, so that bite stress is balanced and there is no uneven pressure placed on other teeth.

Making Teeth Look Healthy – It’s easy to discount the importance of a healthy-looking smile, until you get the care you need to achieve improved aesthetics. When a restoration is completed with tooth-colored and bio-friendly materials like porcelain and ceramic, treated teeth look just like your natural teeth, and make your smile look much healthier. Even more, when a dental appliance or restoration is fitted and secured properly, it’s becomes hard to distinguish from your natural teeth.

Lansdowne Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers restorative dental care to help patients have healthy smiles. Our crowns, bridges, dentures, and porcelain veneers are made from natural-looking, tooth-colored material to provide the best cosmetic results. Please contact our office if you have a decayed tooth or damaged dental prosthetic and are in need of treatment.

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